Сочинение на тему "My favourite Pasttime" (более 140 слов)

Демид Столярчук
21-02-2010 06:04

I have little free time because I have to work hard in order to do well at school. But I try to find some time during the weekends for my favourite occupation: knitting and sewing.I learned to knit when I was ten. The first thing I made was a muffler. I knitted it for my Dad. I was very proud when he wore it. Now I can make quite complicated things. This year I’ve knitted pullovers for my Mom and myself, and a hat for my friend as a birthday present. When I see beautiful knitting-wool in a shop, I find it very difficult to go by without buying it.I learned to sew at the age of 12. Now I’m very good at it. Sometimes I cut patterns out of magazines, but more often I design clothes by myself. I think it’s a very useful hobby. Thanks to it I have some very nice inexpensive clothes. I don’t have to spend much money in order to look attractive.

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