Сочинение по английскому языку "My spring holidays"

21-02-2010 05:18

We all look forward for school holidays during the academic year. There are four major school breaks, in winter, spring, summer and autumn. The longest holidays are in summer, as they last for three months. Winter holidays last for almost two weeks. Spring and autumn holidays last for only a week. It’s not a long term, but I always enjoy my holidays and try to spend them cheerfully. These spring holidays were full of positive emotions. At first, my parents wanted to travel somewhere hot and to take me with them, but then they changed their mind. My uncle, who lives in (місто), invited us to his place and my parents gladly agreed. To save time, my dad offered to go there by plane. The flight was about four hours. The same day we arrived my uncle showed us around. I should say that the city is rather beautiful. When we came back, my uncle’s wife, aunt Maria, has prepared delicious dinner for us, consisting of rice pilaf. For the dessert we had some sweet pies with tea. Spending time in (місто), I learnt that many prominent people have lived and worked in this city. I wish we had more time to stay there, at least one more week, but soon we had to go back home. My spring holidays were over and on Monday the school started.

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