Как найти угол между между скрещиваемыми прямыми

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5. Choose the right question word. 12. _____________________________ Would  you  like chocolate pudding as dessert ? 1. __What___________________________ shoe size do you take ? 2. __How___________________________ far is it from here to the station ? 3. __Where___________________________ did you buy this beautiful dress ? 4. ____When_________________________ is your daughter coming back home ? 5. ___Which__________________________ of these books is yours ? 6. Ask questions about the words in brackets. 1.Where will Diego  go  next Friday? ______________________________ 2. How far was the plane from the airport when the accident happened? ______________________________ 3. Who gave you some very hard homework today.? ______________________________ 4How much. butter did you put in our recipe yesterday?. _____________________________ 5. What did he find in his locker this morning?. ______________________________ 6.What did  they buy? _____________________________ 7. Who plays against the Flyers tonight?. ________________________ 8. When did youI leave last night?______________________________ 7. Ask the right questions. __Are you_____________________________________yes, I am a student. _____Do you speak English?__________________________________ No, I do not speak English. __Can you help me?______________________________________ Yes, I can help you. ____Have you got a blue pen?_______________________ No, I have not got a blue pen. ___Will he arrive tomorrow?_____________________________________ yes, he will arrive tomorrow. ___Must I  finish my work today.?______________________________________yes, you must finish your work today. ___Should I help him?______________________________________ yes, you should help him.

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Из 180 вычесть угол, который дан

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